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I’m not great at being a student, to be frank. I don’t study half as much as I should…and I certainly don’t study half as much as other people think I do.

So instead of studying this week for my upcoming final exams, I decided to start re-watching old episodes of Flashpoint instead.

I love watching TV shows for the slang they use, and now that I’ve been reminded of the phrase, I felt the need to discuss it.

“It’s not gonna be a cakewalk.”

Fun lesson in the phrase! Cakewalk was originally a dance, that according to Youtube looks something like this. The whole idea of the phrase is that the dance is easy so if something’s not easy, its not a cakewalk! Great.

When you say it like that it makes sense. Unfortunately even knowing that, my brain has decided there’s a better explanation.

Cakewalk = Piece of Cake + Walk in the Park

Still means the same thing, doesn’t it? It’s not gonna be a piece of cake, it’s not gonna be a walk in the park, its not gonna be a cakewalk!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has come to this conclusion…but…is anyone else seeing this everytime someone says it?


It’s like a dog walk…but with a cake

No? Probably just me then.

I’m sorry folks, I just can’t take this phrase seriously anymore.

In an unrelated note, I think my artistic skills need some work.