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So my life has been amusing of late.

Not in the good way. It’s one of the those moments where you just sigh and say “You know what? I’m just gonna pretend that didn’t happen.”

I started a four week internship and have barely had time to eat or sleep since, the hours are long and the commute is almost 2 hours every day – and that’s when the traffic is good. Strangely enough though, I’ve actually really been enjoying myself. I don’t really know how to explain it. I wake up before dawn, stand on my feet all day and sometimes really wish I was at home sleeping in and not dealing with this all. But there is something inexplicably awesome about being able to say I do what I do, and it’s not a job without its joys.

Basically, my job is being a meerkat – boring as hell but so cool.

On the down-side I haven’t seen my friends in a while, so I guess they’ll be surviving without me or they’d have let me know by now.

Anyway, as you can imagine I came home from work yesterday feeling like sleep.

This was the master-plan for the day

No such luck. The hot-water pipe in the ensuite decided that life was getting too damn cushy for me and burst, promptly flooding the enitre room. Cue three hours of mopping water up and then scrounging up enough water to clean my teeth.

This is isn’t even the best part yet.

The following morning I’m out and about and this kid starts chatting to me while we were waiting around. You know, like general “OMG we’ve been here forever” moments you have with people sometimes. I politely indugled him because no one else did and I felt kinda sorry for him.

It would have all gone really well actually if the kid hadn’t then said quite candidly, “You’re, what, like thirteen right?”

Aww, I thought, he’s being sweet. Kids these days! No, I laugh and tell him I’m actually in my twenties and attending university.

He looks at me like I’m crazy, looks pointedly at my chest and says:

Seriously? You don’t look like…I mean…You look thirteen.

Was I just told I have a flat-chest by a pre-teen?

I am a lion, aren’t I?