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The things we do when we expect our lives to continue are naturally and properly different than the things we might do if we expected them to end abruptly… [we do these things] when we could be wearning paper hats and eating pistachio macaroons in the bathtub.

– Daniel Gilbert

I’m not sure if I’ll get to eat pistachio macaroons in the bathtub – I’m not a big fan of them over the more traditional chocolate and one day when I can afford good wine I’ll probably go for some of that too, but that’s not really the point. My point is, I refuse to die without having experienced a few deeply important things in life first. My official bucket list is quite extensive and dynamic, but I thought I’d break down the part of it that is now officially on a time trial – I’m in my last year of my degree and there’s some things I need to do before I graudate, I’ve taken out a few of the ones I’ve already covered::

  1. Take part in a psychology experiment
  2. Pull a non-academic all-nighter
  3. Pull an academic all-nighter
  4. Go to a non-related lecture for fun
  5. Learn a an obscure skill
  6. Drink coffee from every cafe on campus
  7. Get drunk at the Student Bar (I’m leaving this unchecked because I’m going to do it again)
  8. Infiltrate the rival uni
  9. See a movie on the campus theatre
  10. buy a uni hoodie and wear it around uni
  11. Walk into every teaching building on campus
  12. Visit every library on campus
  13. Actually go into the on-campus art gallery
  14. Attend a rally or protest for a good cause
  15. Go speed dating (I’m really just looking for an excuse for this one)
  16. Attend a uni sporting event
  17. throw a dinner party
  18. do a pub crawl
  19. Study all day in a hipster cafe with coffee on tab
  20. sweet talk my way into a night club
  21. Take a trip to the beach
  22. Go to a uni party (I’m doing this one again)
  23. Hang out on campus
  24. be invited to a college party
  25. Go to the drive in movie theatre outside town
  26. Go to a mid-night screening of a movie
  27. join a student club and never attend a meeting
  28. Hand an assignment in early

Oh, and I forgot to add:

29.  Eat pistachio macaroons in bathtub (paper hat optional)