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Last week I was casually sitting in the foodcourt of a massive shopping centre with a Grande Vanilla Latte reading on my phone.

I was once again gallivanting, a few hundred miles from home, all by my lonesome, waiting for a job interview. I was so early it was sad, but my flight had rolled in at about 7am and I had no where to be. Plus, walking around in heels was so not going to happen.

Anyway, I’m minding my business when something smacks into my back, bounces off my shoulders and scatters all over the floor.

Blueberries are raining from the sky…well the roof.

I was totally splattered. Then I look up and three people across the square are wiping their faces and patting their suits down with tissues. There’s mushed blueberry everywhere and my jacket smells suspiciously fruity. One of the girls smiles at me and holds her hands up in a “What can you do?” sort of way. We’re both snickering in less than a minute flat, because seriously, this thing could ONLY happen to people in movies. Who else spends their morning washing blueberry out of their hair before a job interview?

So next time life throws blueberries at you, just remember, the moments in life you remember are the ones you can’t possibly plan for.

And hey, at least they weren’t lemons. I have the feeling that would have hurt.