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I have a friend who baffles me because she doesn’t understand travel at all. Me? I’m happy to pick up and run whenever I can because there is nothing better than being on an adventure.

Anyway, whenever I go away by myself I jot down little thoughts to remember things about the trip. Here’s my latest, from a quick 6 day journey to one of my favourite places in the world:

Skeezy motel: check. Crime scene on the street corner. Seems legit.

Am beginning to suspect that cultery is to the locals what toilet-paper is to Zombie Apocalypse survivors: absurdly precious. You have to book in advance and rent it. Have decided to eat everything with a tea spoon instead.

So desperate for healthy food I just ate a bag of carrots.


The shower looks like something out of the international space station. Also the floor keeps flooding.

Person on bus was convinced Gollum (from Tolkien’s books Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) was based on a sloth.

I have developed a nervous twitch. She won’t stop speaking…

He doesn’t even look like a sloth.

The guy on the areoplane was judging me for taking photos of everything. I regret nothing.

I kind, maybe, really LOVE this place.