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Have some warm fuzzies for the holiday season!

So about a thousand things have changed in my life recently and I’ve been slack because its almost Christmas and I’m slowly going insane worrying about seeing everyone before the New Year starts. It doesn’t help that at heart of it I really, really just want my holiday to go like this:

Nest of blankets. Love, Actually. Bad Christmas carols. Baking. Wine.

Instead, I’m packing my life into boxes and being hounded by friends who want to do coffee, lunch and dinner every day. I have actually had to schedule a day at home to be alone.

Why? Remember that job interview I had with the grape incident?

Well as it turns out, insurance companies appreciate a person who is a bit fruity. (I make no apologies for my excellent puns). I got the job!

Now I’m moving to a new city where I don’t know anyone except for a guy I spent three weeks working with in Vietnam a year ago and haven’t spoken to since and I’m so, so happy and relieved that I’ve got it!

On the downside, I’ve suddenly become so busy that Christmas has completely slipped from my To Do list. I have done no shopping, zero cards and the decorations are still in the box. My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas and for the first time in my life I replied with: nothing.


I think I’ve recently learnt (rather than just acknowledged) the best things in life aren’t things.

Instead I’m inviting some old friends over, baking an epic ginger-bread house and refusing to do anything other than curl up with a delicious meal, an over-abundance of hugs and terrible singing (mosty mine).

That’s really what it’s all about anyway isn’t it? Love, family and happy feelings?


And gingerbread.

So that’s my sappy Christmas post. Now I’m going to go make snowmen out of mashmallows and chocolate.

Happy holidays lovelies and many hugs.