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So I’ve recently, and admittedly somewhat spontaneously decided to move to another city. Whoops. As with almost all things in my life I’ve just made a general plan of what I want, applied to everything vaguely related to the vicinity of the target and waited to see what works out.

Admittedly, this does not always work out so well, despite the persistent image people have of me that things “just work out”.

Two months ago I decided I’d drive here. It’s a twelve to fourteen hour drive between cities so I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. I was going to take my car.

Three weeks out of the agreed leaving time a lovey lady in a Mercedes crashed into my car whilst I was stopped at a red light. Good-bye Plan A.

I am nothing if not ready to roll with the punches, so I laughed about the incident, took her details, had a great chat to the insurance company and made Plan B: borrow the parent’s car and come back for mine when it’s fixed.

Great! I say, this will work! My parent’s car is a little bigger than mine so I can fit my shoe collection now. So I pack the car…okay, I’ll admit: my dad did it but only because he’s crazy about this kind of thing.

I go to bed ready for a massive roadtrip and wake up to the smell of fuel. The fuel tank has decided it doesn’t want to do it’s job and is leaking everywhere. One mechanic later it’s clear this isn’t going to work out. Goodbye Plan B.

Here’s the kicker: I’m under 25, so I can’t hire or drive a hire car.

So here’s the truth of how I got here: I had to ask my poor mother to drive me down in a hire car (that smells a bit skeazy) filled to the brim with my life.

Hello Plan C.

I land on my feet, it’s true, but that’s because I’ve thus far refused to fall face first. I’m quite stubborn actually.

Things aren’t always going to work out, not even for those of us who seem to bumble along in life seemlessly. The difference is I haven’t actually told anyone exactly how any cars and how much money got wasted in the effort to get me from Point A to Point B – aside from the entire internet…

So the next time you look at someone and wonder how they have it so easy, just remember: to them, you probably look pretty damn lucky too, and hey, at least it makes an interesting story…one day…a long time after the credit card bill hits me.