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Living in a city where you don’t know a soul makes you creative, and I don’t mean creative in the artistic way, I mean creative in the “If you don’t fix it no one will” type of way.

The other day I had to find a way to hang my calendar in my room without knocking holes in the wall (renting for the win!). It’s actually harder than it sounds because the little stick on hooks that you can buy from everywhere kept falling down!

I’m actually obscurely proud of how I did it in the end: by looping ribbon through a random metal bracket I found and then precariously balancing it off the top shelf of my badly put-togther bookshelf.

Then there’s the fact that I simply don’t have space for the jewellery stand I used a dvd stand to hand my all my necklaces. It’s actually really good – I’d recommend it. Of course, the other option would have been to throw out my collection of plastic, faux silver bangles and matching necklaces but I’m oddly attached to them.

Still, I’m proud of myself. Now if only I could be this creative at work, in the effort of meeting someone to talk to and/or making money to buy things like a jewellery stand or a smaller calendar…

In other news, there’s a coffee shop down the road that always has a crowd of people waiting in line…I’m beginning to wonder what’s so good about it (the place next door is always empty) but I can’t muster the energy to part with five dollars to find out…