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So if you’ve been following me a while, which a few of you have, then you might have noticed that theres been a lot of radio silence from me for the past six months little while.

To be honest, regular blogging has sort of slipped of the radar, at least until yesterday when I went gallivanting by myself into the city and stumbled upon one of the reasons I moved here in the first place.

You see, when I flew here for my job interview almost eight months ago, I had some spare time and I ended up stopping in the street to watch a series of incredible buskers.

The same two guys were back in the mall yesterday and they were playing the same song, my favourite song.

All the indie music and the crowd pressed tightly in between jeans stores and food courts reminded me of that day in December. Warm sumlight. Cold fruit teas and falling blueberries.

It sounds like such an adventure to move a hundred miles away, but in truth it’s not always that easy.

It was nice to be reminded that the adventure isn’t over, it’s just beginning.

It’s been feeling a lot like summer here.

Which means it’s started to feel like home.