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I have caught the Plague (read: some sort of cold that has me blinking drearily and trying not to fall asleep on my desk with a headache. This is different from my job in that the feeling lingers after I leave the building).

So I want you to understand the full impact of what I mean when I say I was sitting in a stupor in the food court that has delivered us such thrilling events as the Blueberry Incident.

Lunch break is underway and I felt a bit like lying on the floor, but true to my promise to always leave the office during lunch – at least for a moment – I hauled myself to the food court and just sat there.

I was so totally out of it the sudden appearance of two guys sitting in front of me with expectant faces actually made me flinch.

And then here’s this guy telling me I look beautiful (I’m surprised I pull that off given I’m also: snotty and slightly feverish).

Never-the-less he tells me he cousin is shy and they just wanted to say hello and could his cousin maybe get my number? (said Cousin is sweating and blushing profusely and looks all of sixteen but informs me he’s actually nineteen and the age difference is so not that big).

I scrambled for a way to say no politely. Blinked furiously and then sort of shook my head, apologised for the rejection and informed them I’m very much taken (lie, of course – but it’s handy to have a photo of you hugging your favouite not that recognisable celebrity as the background of your phone to back the story up).

They were very sweet, understanding, wished me a pleasant day and went on their way without fuss, criticism or other drama.

I went back to the office feeling a little better.

So here’s a blanket cheers to guys who will look past the sneezy, fever bright, I-stumbled-to-work-this-morning-to-avoid-using-my-sick-leave face and say hello.

But more importantly: thank you to the folk who note that when we say “no thanks” then that’s what is it and politely move on with their business rather than hanging around trying to change my mind.

I appreciate it.