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Since moving cities I’ll be honest. I have a preeetty limited circle of people to call upon for spontanoues adventures.

Which means that I often do things alone. Just because I don’t know people doesn’t mean I don’t leave my house.

What does surprise me though – is that other people seem to be inherently afraid of going out by themselves.

For example, back in June I went to a convention alone. I stood in the lines alone, and went to the talks alone because I just wanted to go and experience and I didn’t really feel comfortable asking some of my new friends to go with me.

And because people noticed I was alone, a lot of them starting to talk to me. I had lunch with some randoms. Even made a facebook friend (and you know it’s legit friendship if it’s facebook official).

But I can’t tell you how many people comment to me that they wouldn’t have loved to have gone to something and then shrugged it off as “but I couldn’t find anyone to go with.”

I don’t get it guys.

If you want to do something, ask around sure, but just because someone doesn’t want to join you doesn’t mean you should miss out.

News flash! People don’t walk up to you and ask why you have no friends. No one really says anything at all. Use that to your advantage.

I sit in food courts alone and random folk come chat to me.

Last week I went to the movies alone.

The face I get when I tell people I’ve done that willingly. Surprisingly, no one at the cinema gave it to me.

I wasn’t the only one. In fact, apparently the Sunday Sesh of “The Mortal Instruments” is prime “no-one I know would come see this with me” viewing. Twenty of the thirty or so partons were solo-movie goers.

Some random guy came and starting chatting me and we had a pleasant mutual conversation.

Next time you want to be somewhere Just go.

You’ll find someone there. And if you don’t…well, at least you were there. And at least you can tick that experience off the bucket-list.

Time waits for no one.

Why should you?